The Long Purple Line


The university has honored outstanding former students since 1990 with induction into its Hall of Distinction, or Long Purple Line.

The Hall of Distinguished Educators


Northwestern State has a long-standing tradition of preparing quality educators and leaders.

Historical Campus Sites


Normal Hill, the oldest part of the Northwestern campus, is the longest continuously occupied site in Louisiana for higher education.

Memories from the Hill


Recalling special events and traditions of life in Natchitoches and Northwestern, Memories from the Hill presents the recollections of alumni and friends about our collective past.

Our Heritage


Northwestern State was established in 1884 in the old Bullard Mansion atop a hill overlooking the bustling river port city of Natchitoches.

Northwestern State University Historic District


The National Register Application and accompanying photographs are accessible here.  Additional photographs of the buildings when constructed are added.

Residences of the Presidents


In the over 130 years of Northwestern, the presidents have lived in three residences on the campus.

The Presidents


Eighteen Presidents have served Northwestern since its founding in 1884.

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