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Miss Lady of the Bracelet contestants

Lady of the Bracelet

Lady of the Bracelet

In the early 1920s, the Potpourri, Northwestern’s yearbook, sponsored the first beauty pageant held on the university campus. The contestants were selected from photographs submitted to well-known movie producers for judging and were chosen for their charm and beauty.

In 1958, Miss Kahne Dipola was crowned the first Miss Lady of the Bracelet and she received a gold bracelet to wear when she represented the university in public. Over the years, the bracelet has been passed down to each holder of the prestigious title.

Through the efforts of Mr. Robert W. Wilson, Sr., the Student Union Governing Board purchased the first franchise from the Miss Louisiana Pageant in 1971, enabling Northwestern’s Lady of the Bracelet to enter the state contest.

The Student Activities Board, formerly the Student Union Governing Board, has continued the tradition of sponsoring the Lady of the Bracelet Pageant for the enjoyment of the Northwestern community. The Lady of the Bracelet Pageant has gained state recognition for production, scholarship, and quality of contestants.

2012 Tori Thompson

2011 Ruth Fruge'

2010 Carley McCord

2009 Brittany Pippin

2008 Mandi Ridgdell

2007 Corina Harwood

2006 Raven Bryson

2005 Courtney LaCaze

2004 Alicia Schulz

2003 Lacey Fletcher

2002 Amanda Crain

2001 Kristen Holly

2000 Sabrina Plaisance

1999 Shelley Colvin

1998 Rebecca Dauzat

1997 Farrah Reyna

1996 Jennifer Fox

1995 Leigh Cole

1994 Rebecca Bacle

1993 Melissa Mabou

1992 Cathy Huey

1991 Patty Breckenridge

1990 Karen Engeron

1989 Cindy Bethel

1988 Carol Jordan

1987 Dayna Dooley

1986 Kay Lane

1985 Carol Carter

1984 Elycia Graham

1983 Lesa Hatley

1982 Kayla Murphy

1981 Jennifer Todd

1980 Stacia Caldwell

1979 Zina Curlee

1978 Barbi Jenkins

1977 Venetia Lee

1976 Cheryl Purcell

1975 Bonnie Outlaw

1974 Lehn Dohnman

1973 Lisa Thompson

1972 Elaine Rainey

1971 Kay McKnight

1970 Bonnie Martin

1969 Zelma Pylant

1968 Marcie Fowler

1967 Pam Rushing

1966 Pat Pace

1965 Ann Cleveland

1964 Sherry Boucher-Lytle

1963 Pat Fulton

1962 Pat Copper

1961 Barbara Jean Dowden

1960 Bobbie Sue Craft

1959 Kahne Dipola