Dr. Randall J. Webb, President of Northwestern State University

Welcome to Traditions, Northwestern State’s website to highlight the cherished art, objects, and people that have made our campus and community what it is today. We have more than 125 years of history, but many of these portraits, paintings, and plaques seen around the campus are documented for the first time. Distinguished alumni recognized by induction into The Long Purple Line are presented. Treasures are an inventory of often seen objects around the campus with historical or cultural significance.

Additional Collections will be added over time so please check back to find out more about what has made Northwestern so special to so many.

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Jean McGlothlin Doerge 2007
Jean McGlothlin Doerge graduated from Northwestern in 1958 with a B.S. in Education and joined the staff at Minden High School.  The next year, she and her husband moved to Arp, Texas, to te...