The mission of Traditions is to highlight the cherished art, objects, and people that have made our campus and community what it is today. We have more than 130 years of history, but many of these portraits, paintings, and plaques seen around the campus are documented for the first time.


The Collections

The heart of the university

Treasures are an inventory of often seen objects around the campus with historical or cultural significance.  The Collections of Northwestern State University contain a visual library of The Long Purple Line, The Hall of Distinguished Educators, Historical Campus Sites, Memories from the Hill, and Residences of the Presidents.

Digital Archives

Collections from the past

The history of Northwestern has best been captured by the documentation when events were occurring. The Digital Archives have images in a searchable document format of the Potpourri yearbook, Argus literary magazine, Alumni Columns publication, and Current Sauce newspaper, and the College Catalogs since 1885.  Two books are included with extensive research on the university's history.

Our Heritage

More than an alma mater

Our Heritage celebrates the history, traditions and people that have made us the special place we are today.

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